Wicklow Mountains - Hiking Trip nature video (Samsung Galaxy S7 Cinematic video)

The footage in this video was all shot during a 5 day hiking trip, april 2016, in the Wicklow Mountains area in Ireland. From approximately 60 Gb of footage I shot, these are the highlights. The video was shot and edited in Ultra HD resolution, so if your monitor or tv supports this, I would recommend to watch it with UHD (or 4K) on.

I made the music for the video during the weeks when sorting out all the footage. It resembles the atmosphere and mood I was in, when editing the video.

All footage was shot with my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) using the Lanparte HHG01 Gimbal.

I want to thank Christopher and Teresa from Footfalls Walking Holidays for their good care and very fine guidance.
I also would like to thank Zimri, Tehila, Lisa and Ludger, who were in the hiking group, for the nice moments.