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Nioh PC Mouse Keyboard

GPDSCK v3.3b:

GPDSCK v3.1:

GPDSCK is a compiled Autohotkey script (GPDSCK REQUIRES VJOY you can find both in the link above) .. i wrote it for final Fantasy XIII-3 (the game doesn't have mouse support) then changed it a bit for Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Xenoverse2(some moves don't work using keyboard/mouse, moves like knockback while in a combo) then Berserk, Toukiden, Nier Automata (because some moves don't work on pc using mouse/keyboard, or don't work as intended, i tried to improve aiming and added a way to toggle the shoot button), rpcs3, cemu, nioh ..

Links to where i've posted gpdsck before (also a few older versions can be found there):

Someone claimed that gpdsck infected his pc with malware.
He scanned with malwarebytes after installing gpdsck and found 5 infected files .. BUT the files in the link i posted are clean, and to prove it :

If you do find anything it's either a false positive or not from gpdsck.