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Dodany: 2008-10-09 19:28:27

Autor: Mark Tudtud Ambalong

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Nato - Da Noah Cwalk AGTwalkers Marie Ernestine xD

lawl another mixtape we made xD
We kept trying to do a proper 5-way cwalk
but many stuffs happen and mess us up -_-
Like teachers... they hate us cwalkin -_-
Like the camera's... they got lowbatt so fast O_o

Its like the world doesnt want us to cwalk!


So we did this plan =P lawl

Agent Orang3 - Mark Ambalong
Agent Zero - Kevin Digamon
Agent Lemon - Nikko Caballero
Agent Paksiw - Kristian Paca
Agent Apple - Piero Vergara
Agent Pomelo - Vaun De Luna
Agent Rambotan - Jonas Borga

lawl finally we have paksiw with us xD

this is just for fun and some of the cwalkers here are still newbies

Feel free to drop a comment ^^

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