Should You Bake and What Is Baking: Makeup Rulez Episode 2 (NoBlandMakeup)

Today we'll be going over how to bake and whether or not you actually should.

Should you bake or not depends on a few things:
1. What type of skin you have
2. How much make-up you are applying
3. What kind of look you are going for.

Now, if you have very dry skin (especially under the eyes) or more mature skin, baking might now be for you. The reason for this is because powders tend to suck up moisture. If you're already starting off dry, that's a disaster waiting to happen. As we mature our skin tends to dry out, so- I'm sorry ladies- but mature skin is also not going to be a great candidate for baking. If you want to go for it anyway, moisturize like your life depends on it.

Well let's say you do have dry skin, or you're oily, and you want to bake anyway. If you're going for a heavier look, baking might work out for you.

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